Saturday, June 12, 2010

Georgie's 1st Dance Concert

Our little dancer made her stage debut yesterday. She was quite the little diva in her sassy outfit. Georgie's takes a class at elevation studios called mommy and me. It is such a cute little class full of adorable little tiny dancers. This is the 1st year they did this class and her teacher Alex (also her auntie) decided to put these little cuties in the show dancing to "Single Ladies".
Although this is Georgie's favorite song on earth right now she was to afraid to make it out on stage with her other single ladies friends. She made it out for about 10 seconds only to turn her back and start crying and then ran off stage. She is still under 2 years old and all of her other friends in class are 3 years old. So I think she did a pretty good job just making it out on stage for her 1st dance concert.