Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Party

Happy Halloween Pirate Georgie!!!
We had so much fun doing the Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat party tonight. Grandma, Charlee, Auntie Alex, Vanessa, Carter and Mommy all took Georgie to Disneyland to celebrate Halloween. What a great display of holiday fun. The place was completely decked out in Disney spooktacular fun. I couldn't believe how many people came dressed up and how impressive these costumes were. Georgie of course was a pirate and loved every minute of it. Her daddy bought her an eye patch and sword to go with the costume that Grandma bought her (she wore her eye patch all night and wouldn't part with it). If you haven't guessed it she is obsessed with the ride Pirate's of the Caribbean.
We will be coming back next year for sure to enjoy the festivities. Well worth the extra bucks to get in to this private event. Lots & lots of candy they give you, so much in fact that we did not even need to buy our own candy to hand out this year.
Georgie, mommy had so much fun with you tonight. I loved watching you run around and sing the pirate song Yo Ho. You are such a sweet little girl full of giggles and grins and are a pure joy to be with. Happy 3rd Halloween honey girl.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oclate Nilk

Oclate Nilk(aka...chocolate milk) is Georgie's newest addition to her daily requests. Last week Georgie was quite sick with the stomach flu and I had to withhold milk for about a week from her. She was one really unhappy camper about that and requested it daily from us. When she was feeling a bit better I decided to give her a special treat to a McDonald's Happy Meal and as an extra extra special treat chocolate milk. She had never had chocolate milk before and let me tell you she instantly fell in love. Later that day as I heard her waking up from her nap I heard her asking for nilk (milk). I said to her you want milk honey and she said no mommy I want Oclate Nilk peesee (please). How could I resist that request with a big please at the end. Since then it has been a request about every few hours. I am hopeful that she will forget about it but lets face it I think I opened a can of worms. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The BIG 40!!!

Yesterday was Billy's big 40 birthday party. I wasn't sure what type of party to have for him this year. Usually we are pretty low key for his birthdays but this one was the big one and I really wanted to do something memorable for him. With a lot of ideas going through my mind I remembered that Billy had mentioned he had never been to the Magic Castle up in Hollywood. A few phone calls later and my Uncle Les was getting us the VIP treatment. I mentioned it to some of our friends and they were on board to partake in a little surprise for him. (Thank you to each one of you for making this such an amazing night to remember. Billy was so taken back by the generosity of your friendship and it truly made this night something extra special for him) I love you all so much. :)

I had told Billy that Les could only get a few people in as guests when he isn't performing so that we would be going with a few family members and our friend Cassie from Vegas. Little did he know that Uncle Les was able to pull a few strings and get up to 16 guests in for us. Alex & Robert, Amber & Dean, Chris & Michelle, Cameron & Jennay, Joe & Karen, Cassie, Annette, Vanessa and Uncle Les were in on the surprise....and boy was it a good one.
The night started out with us going to meet at Les & Charlee's house. A few of our friends showed up there for the surprise and the others surprised him up at the castle waiting for us to arrive. One of the other fun things we did was rent a limo so we could enjoy ourselves and not worry about drinking and driving. Billy of course had no idea about it, so when Amber and Dean arrived to Charlee's house in the limo he was blown away. My mom and Charlee stayed behind and took care of our precious little Georgie girl so we could enjoy the night worry free. (Thanks you too)

Billy was so excited, shocked and all smiles the whole night, he kept telling me how excited he was and wondering how I pulled this off without him knowing anything about it. Once we made it inside the Castle the VIP treatment began. Thanks to Uncle Les he has been a member for many years and knows everyone up there we were treated like Kings and Queens last night. I swear I felt like we were a bunch of Hollywood celebrities. Unfortunately, I was out of the surprises but the magicians at the castle took care of that and we had a blast seeing all the performers and touring the different rooms and taking in the whole experience. What an amazing night full of laughter, good friends, making memories and maybe just a little too much alcohol :) But fun none the less. Thanks again Uncle Les for making this an unreal experience for all of us to remember for years to come.

Billy please know how much I love you and feel so honored to be your wife. You are such an amazing and inspiring friend and husband to me. You & Georgia are my everything. Happy 40th Birthday Baby. Here's to your next 40 years may they be full of excitement, love, friendship, happiness & making special memories like this one.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Go Away Flu

It isn't a fun day here at the Cortese house. We had big plans today to meet up at Disneyland with Vanessa and Annete to watch world of color and go on some rides but Georgie woke up to a very upset stomache. Needless to say it has been a morning of washing couch cushions, lots of bathing, and some tears from both of us. I feel so bad for her right now and hope that this is the worst of it. Nobody likes being sick, especially when your throwing up. The cutest part of all of this is that she keeps saying sorry to me when she gets sick. I had no idea she even really knew what that word meant but she must. She also keeps saying Nessa Net Disneyland. Which translate to Vanessa & Annete Disneyland. We will have to make sure next week we make it a plan to go to Disneyland since she missed it this week. I hope you feel better sweetie. I am happy to be your mommy and comfort you when your not feeling well and feel happy and relieved when you are feeling better. Lets hope it is a quick little bug :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Little Things

Dear Georgie,

I wanted to make a little note to you today to let you know how lucky I feel to be your mommy. I get up with you each morning so excited to get you out of bed and start our day of adventures. I can hardly stand being away from you for even a second as I fear that I will miss just the smallest discovery, achievement, smile, cry, laughter, hug or just your sweet presence. I feel so blessed to discover the world through you my darling. It amazes me just how beautiful life is watching you discover it everyday.

It has been an uneventful day today. No special places to be, no big surprises, in fact we haven't even left the house today and yet I have to say Today is one of my favorite days I get to spend with you. I enjoy these days because it is our special time together to cuddle, make lunch together, read a few of your favorite books, watch you play with peanut and buddy and all of your many toys. Right now you are talking so much. You love to tell me what you see in the book, run around and act like a pirate (yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me), make me sit down and share your snack with you at your little table in our kitchen.

Right now you are taking your nap which give me this time to reflect on just how wonderful and special this time is with you. Thank you my little sweet heart for giving me this chance to be your mommy. I love you and am so happy to have this opportunity to watch you grow.

Love always,

Your mommy