Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Lee

Congratulation to Alex and Robert who were married last night up in L.A. The wedding was spectacular!!! Alex was picture perfect and just glowed as she walked down the isle. They had so many friends and family attending that they decided to do it up Hollywood style and through a huge party at Blvd 3 night club. It was so much fun you felt like you were attending a Hollywood primer party. I was so surprised how they were able to create such a romantic and intimate ceremony and then in a matter of minutes they turned it into a raging night club full of drinks, food and lots and lots of dancing and entertainment. I will never forget this night and my hope for you guys is that you will never forget it either.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Halloween Already

Ok so I am a little obsessed about being a mom for the 1st time. I have already bought Georgie's Halloween costume. I swear if Christmas dresses were out right now she would have one of them too. I wasn't sure what to dress her as this year but in keeping with tradition of buying her Halloween costume at Gymboree last year I decided to buy her one from there this year too. Here are a couple of photos of her new costume and a photo from last years costume too. I guess I have a thing for cute bugs......

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beach Day

DAY 4- We tried to get a tan that day but it was close to impossible since it started to sprinkle on us. The weather didn't really give us the ideal beach experience but the kids didn't seem to mind one bit. Georgie had fun rolling around in the sand and I do mean rolling. She was covered in head to toe sand when we left but had a blast doing it.

Swimming and Boating

DAY 3- we spent some time site seeing in Huntington Harbor with Skip, Joan, Vanessa, Annette, Gage, Rome and Grandma Dee Dee on the boat. It was such a beautiful day and we also got to swim for the 1st time in a pool at their house too. Georgie had so much fun!!!

Disneyland with Gage & Rome

DAY 2- hanging with Vanessa, Annette, Gage and Rome at Disneyland. We had a long fun filled day at good old Disneyland. We spent a few hours watching Billy and the Hillbillies show then went on Pirates and Toy Story ride over at California Adventures and even stayed late to watch Fantasmic and the firework show. Georgia stayed awake until the very last sparkle in the sky was over and then fell fast asleep just seconds afterwords. Thanks Vanessa for doing Disneyland back to back with us your a trooper :-)

Fun with the tiwns

We had a very eventful couple of weeks with the twins Gage and Rome. While Bob and Jill and Cole were off on a cruise in Europe Vanessa and Annette were the good Samaritans who took care of the twins. Here is a few snap shots of the activities we did with them during the past couple of weeks. By the way Gage and Rome are Georgie's favorite form of entertainment these days.
DAY 1 (The San Diego Zoo) Animals, animals and more animals (oh I mean kids!!!! Same things Right :-)

Ok Everyone, it has been quite some time since I have blogged about what has been happening with the Crazy Cortese Family. I have decided to start from scratch with a new blogging site so that I could have a bit more freedom with my design and postings so I chose Blogger to make it all happen. I will be updating everyone with some pictures and more recent events of whats been going on with us. Hope you all enjoy.......

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alex's Bridal Shower

What a fun night this has been. I just got home from my cousin Alex's bridal shower party. Like most things Alex does this was absolutely an "A" class event. It was so much fun not attending the usual day time wedding shower that I am all so familiar with. (not that I don't enjoy a day time shower, after all mine was and I loved it :))
I of course was part of the planning of this exciting event and was so excited to do this for her. I just love her so much and couldn't wait to be apart of the special group of ladies who were throwing this shower in honor of her. Thanks to her Auntie Ann for hosting it at her beautiful new home on the peninsula it made for a stunning location for an evening to remember. I can't wait to see what her wedding is going to be like. Congrats to you Alex. Thank you for a night to remember.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Georgia

Dear Georgia,

Today you are turning one. I can't believe only a year ago I was anticipating your arrival and thinking what is life going to be like having you in it. I have to tell you that it is AMAZING!!! You are my everything. I had truly no idea what being a mommy was going to be like and I am so thankful to you for giving me this experience. I look at you now and try to imagine how life can get any better than this very moment and yet each and everyday it seems to get better and better.
This year has been full of daily joys for me and your daddy. Every moment has been a treasured memory of pure joy for us. Thank you our sweet daring for giving us the greatest gift ever. YOU!!

Love your Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Matty Turns 1

Ahoy Matty!!!

Matty turned one today and we were so excited to go to his 1st birthday party. He had a huge pirate ship in his backyard (pirate bounce house) and everyone went home with a treasure chest full of goodies. Thank you for having us at your 1st Birthday Mathew, we love you very much.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

She found it!!!

She found her dress. I really didn't thing Alex would be able to find a dress her 1st day out shopping but to all of our surprise including her own she found it!!! Yeah!!! It is stunning, gorgeous, and fits her so beautifully. She truly looks like a model from a bridal magazine in it. I just can't wait to see her in it on her wedding day. It was so much fun watching her come out in different dresses and when she turned the corner and I saw her in the dress she picked my eyes welled up and she looked at me and we both knew that was the one. Well at least that is what I felt maybe she felt differently but none the less it was the one she picked and I am thrilled that she did. Here are a picture of my little Georgie sporting her own white dress for this special occasion.