Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Party

Happy Halloween Pirate Georgie!!!
We had so much fun doing the Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat party tonight. Grandma, Charlee, Auntie Alex, Vanessa, Carter and Mommy all took Georgie to Disneyland to celebrate Halloween. What a great display of holiday fun. The place was completely decked out in Disney spooktacular fun. I couldn't believe how many people came dressed up and how impressive these costumes were. Georgie of course was a pirate and loved every minute of it. Her daddy bought her an eye patch and sword to go with the costume that Grandma bought her (she wore her eye patch all night and wouldn't part with it). If you haven't guessed it she is obsessed with the ride Pirate's of the Caribbean.
We will be coming back next year for sure to enjoy the festivities. Well worth the extra bucks to get in to this private event. Lots & lots of candy they give you, so much in fact that we did not even need to buy our own candy to hand out this year.
Georgie, mommy had so much fun with you tonight. I loved watching you run around and sing the pirate song Yo Ho. You are such a sweet little girl full of giggles and grins and are a pure joy to be with. Happy 3rd Halloween honey girl.

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