Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oclate Nilk

Oclate Nilk(aka...chocolate milk) is Georgie's newest addition to her daily requests. Last week Georgie was quite sick with the stomach flu and I had to withhold milk for about a week from her. She was one really unhappy camper about that and requested it daily from us. When she was feeling a bit better I decided to give her a special treat to a McDonald's Happy Meal and as an extra extra special treat chocolate milk. She had never had chocolate milk before and let me tell you she instantly fell in love. Later that day as I heard her waking up from her nap I heard her asking for nilk (milk). I said to her you want milk honey and she said no mommy I want Oclate Nilk peesee (please). How could I resist that request with a big please at the end. Since then it has been a request about every few hours. I am hopeful that she will forget about it but lets face it I think I opened a can of worms. :)

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